Whether you’re in a group or on your own, professional guides are available to accompany you along the Way of Mercy and tell you about the story of Saint Faustina, Blessed Michael Sopocko, and the painting of the Divine Mercy image, as well as about the Divine Mercy devotion.

Liuda Matonienė


On love in Vilnius:
Vilnius is a city built of and with love. Merciful, holy and passionate love have unfolded here through deeds of mercy, music and poetry. It has been shone up with tears of repentance and gratitude which became votive offerings beside miraculous images, rising up to the sky against a backdrop of church bell towers. Vilnius is where King Žygimantas Augustas’s love for Barbora Radvilaitė was born, where poet Adomas Mickevičius professed love for his beloved and his homeland in verse, where Kristina Frank sang to support her husband‘s desire to help the needy of Vilnius, where Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis and his future wife Sofija Kymantaitė found a hill setting for their first date, where Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai together set up a store for Lithuanian books, and where writer Roman Gary, who spent his childhood in Vilnius, tried to impress his first love by eating a shoe... Even the banks of the river in Vilnius declare love: “I love you” and “I `{`heart`}` you too“, written in flowers, are inscriptions by Vilnius artist Gitenis Umbrasas. The angels at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul also proclaim love as they dance for joy, kissing and embracing.

Jolanta Stupelytė


On Vilnius as the City of Mercy:
I used to catch myself thinking about leaving the noisy city behind and moving to a quiet place in the countryside. But then the Shrine of Divine Mercy opened and in a single stroke everything inside me changed... The city got a heart, and Jesus himself entered into the “stable” of my soul.

Katažina ir Albert Narvoiš


The most authentic place in the city:
We find the Gate of Dawn to be the most authentic place in Vilnius. It recalls the city’s rich and impressive history. Local residents themselves came together to build the defensive wall and these gates in the early 16th century. And everyone who visits Vilnius today has to visit Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn. The miraculous image of the Mother of Mercy has protected the city from fire and from enemy armies. In all ages people have come here to implore the protection and assistance of the Mother of Mercy. It was here at the Dawn Gate chapel in Vilnius that in the early 20th century the original image of Divine Mercy was for the first time shown to the world. And from our city, devotion to the Divine Mercy has spread throughout the globe.

Janina Andriuškevičiūtė


Kornelija Jankauskaitė


On special places in Vilnius:
When I lack strength, joy or peace, I go to the Shrine of Divine Mercy and spent some time beside Jesus. There I find new hope and peace, physical and spiritual recovery, to continue along life’s path.

Jolanta ir Andrzej Kostygin


Ignotas Stanevičius


On Christian Vilnius:
I think, for a Christian, the best-known place in Vilnius is the Gate of Dawn, and especially its image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The street leading there, unsurprisingly, is also called Gate of Dawn Street. From it flow shrines for three different faith traditions which symbolize in a way the diversity of religions in Vilnius: the Ukrainian-rite Holy Trinity Church and Basilian Monastery, the Eastern Orthodox Church and Monastery of the Holy Spirit, and the Roman Catholic Church of St. Teresa with its Discalced Carmelite monastery and chapel of the Gate of Dawn. This confessional triangle of sorts, the dialogue between Eastern and Western Christians, shows Vilnius is open to all Christians.

Ana Uždavinytė


Raimundas Šakalys


Great views of Vilnius:
I know several places with views that show just how beautiful the city of Vilnius is. They include the Hill of Three Crosses, the roof of the Bernardine Church of St. Francis of Assisi, and the canon yard at the defensive wall Bastion on Išganytojo (Savior) Hill.

Isabelle Gaullier


Through the eyes of a French guide in Vilnius:
I’ve been living in Vilnius for many years now. It’s a big joy for me to show both locals and visitors how wonderful this city is.