Memorial Complex of Tuskulėnai Peace Park

The Memorial Complex of Tuskulėnai Peace Park is a branch of the Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights. It is a unique site that combines several completely different historical periods and shows both a glorious past and traces of the crimes committed here. Tuskulėnai Manor, built in the 16th century, had a royal status. Until the middle of the 19th century, the extraordinarily magnificent palace of the manor acted as one of the cultural centers of Vilnius.

Mid-20th century onwards, the area of Tuskulėnai Manor became a place, testifying to the brutality and cruelty of the Soviet invaders. In 1944–1947, this was the secret burial site for those sentenced to death and executed in the NKGB (MGB) prison.

In the complex, visitors can see a chapel-columbarium, the resting place of the victims of the Soviet totalitarian regime, Tuskulėnai Peace Park, Tuskulėnai Manor House and servants’ quarters (officina), the White Manor House and the Chapel of St. Theresa.

Exposition “Project – HOMO SOVIETICUS” has been installed in the Tuskulėnai Manor House. It aims at revealing the efforts and means, employed by Soviet totalitarian regime to create its new social, cultural and political environment. The White Manor House features a 17th century kiln for firing building ceramics, where bricks were made for the construction of St. Peter and Paul Church, and its basement exposition “The Secrets of Tuskulėnai Manor” reveals the mechanism of death sentences created by the Soviet totalitarian regime. One of the exhibition halls is dedicated to Bishop Vincentas Borisevičius of Telšiai, who was killed on 18 November 1946 in the internal prison of the NKGB (MGB) in Vilnius, and whose remains were buried in the territory of the Tuskulėnai Manor.

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